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Philip Charles Masters is born 24 December 2007 

Capel-Y_Fynn Wales July 2002

Phil's Bike


Corned Beef
Shepherds pie

Christmas day 2001

Mending  A Tap Washer


A trip To West Bay in September 2002

Boot Fair Dressing Table 13 July 2003


Val's Sixtieth Birthday party
18 may 2003

Anel from Namibia 14 march 2003

19 March 2005




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Morris Minor 1957

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Veteran  car rally
2nd November 2003

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Amanda in England

Easter Saturday 2005


Sally 3 weeks old


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We Meet Debra and Matt in Den Haag Netherlands

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Flowers in our Garden July 2002

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Pork In Stilton Sauce

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The Blue Shergar race meeting Ascot racecourse

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Catlady and Snapman in London

Snow in Bracknell


Cameron at 7


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Bracknell in Bloom

Our Garden By Night

Sweet and Sour Chicken

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Anita a family


A day trip to Brighton on
 17 April 2005


Sally at 5 Months

Our holiday in Greece in September 2005

Churchill Controls Offices where I work

Beef Wellington

An evening at Sara's on the occasion of her 40th birthday

A new waterfall and some flowers in the garden


Edward At
 30 minutes old
Click to see a short video of Edward

Busses I would like to own

Steak Pie

Our 38th Wedding Anniversary

A Sunday Bike Ride


Sally at 11 months old

Building a greenhouse February 2002

Philjob's Menu Ideas new format recipes

Brighton July2001


Family get together 26 January 2002

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