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Phil Masters

Sally Eats a Neapolitan Ice Cream

Phil and Jan's Wedding

Our not so coy Koi carp

An Afternoon at a Steam Fair

My New Car

A BBQ At Gavin's House

Bakelite Items


Mum & Dad


Cameron and his new brother Edward

Churchill Controls
Beer And Skittles

A visit to my childhood haunts



Gav's Shed building party

Vintage Transistor Radios


Jessica 4 years and 8 months  



Building a new pond

Fairford International Air Tattoo

Sara's Wedding

Toy Sewing Machines


Cameron's 8th, Birthday tea 

A day out at Legoland Windsor
Shaun and Sarah's Wedding
2 September 2006
Sally's First Birthday Bash


The wedding of Brian and Sue 1st July 2006

Vintage Cameras

Edward Stuart Masters
Naming Ceremony Video



My Birthday flight 


Julie and Ian's Wedding 31 May 1997

Sally Aged 1 year and 3 months
Florida March 2008
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12 week scan of new grand child. The Child of Gavin and Sally


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andy-Ray our new granddaughter 20 week scan



Philip Charles Masters is born 24 December 2007